Sarah, 16 & Mum Lucy, 49

"Ed is simply unique. He is so easy to speak to - for both adults and kids.

Ed has been helping our daughter who has OCD. He has a wonderful approach that makes it very easy for her to talk to him.  Our daughter likes their walks (and hot chocolate!) as they often go off topic and this simply helps clear her head and makes her feel better. She comes home happy and looking relaxed. She is very happy to catch up with him via text in between their chats. She is always happy after speaking to Ed. He really helps her.

He has a very positive outlook on life, and often talks about his own experiences with OCD. He is patient, kind and funny! Kids can really relate to him.

I also find talking to Ed extremely helpful and reassuring. If I need advice he is the person I call. He speaks clearly and allows me to understand what OCD means and what it does to the mind.

Thank you Ed, you always have so much time for us. It is so appreciated.

We have known Ed for over 30 years, I would definitely recommend his approach in dealing with OCD.”

Jacob, 39

“I was facing some challenges, felt in a bit of a rut and even getting out of bed was tough.

I was reluctant about going into therapy, but Eddie offered me more informal support; a walk, a chat, a cup of coffee. There was no pressure on me at all to achieve anything in particular, it was just a chance to offload, clear my head and most importantly to just get out of my surroundings.

Speaking to Eddie left me feeling a little better and clearer. I am now actually in weekly therapy, and although things are still tough, I am in a much better place, feel more optimistic, and am able to use the tools Eddie gave me to deal with those difficult moments.

Eddie’s support is still there for me whenever I need it and I’ll often take him up on that walk and a nice chat. It does wonders!”